An entertaining new television series that brings viewers along for the ride on sexy and exotic photo shoots.

Beautiful Models • Exotic Locations • Stunning Photography • Adventure

ModelScape is a TV show that takes a fun and entertaining look at the world of bikini modeling. See what it takes to produce stunning images in exotic locations as the gorgeous models show off their stuff.

Watch the show to become part of the crew and come on an adventure with us on our next photo shoot!  We invite viewers to take a peek into the exciting lives of our featured fashion and swimwear models, as well as our talented stylists, as they work their magic on location to produce stunning images. You get to see all the good, the bad, the funny, the frustrating and of course, the fabulously sexy!
Led by our host and photographer, Tony Kinard, the ModelScape photo crew is out to bring you the most beautiful women, stunning locations and creatively themed to shoots.

A TV Show That Brings You More Than Just Bikinis
Make Up, Hair & Fashion Tips • Photography How To’s

Each episode is your ticket to see what goes on behind the scenes of our photo shoots and discover how it’s all done from A to Z.  Get insight on how photographers create and capture such magnificent images. Watch how hair and makeup magic is performed by our stylists as they work on each model and give tips of the trade.  Even learn about what models do to always look their best in photos.

Weekly BlogTalkRadio Show / Podcast
Additionally, the ModelScape TV show is accompanied by a weekly BlogTalkRadio show to provide supplimental 'behind-the-scenes' and industry related content tips and news. Within the first few episodes airing, the weekly show is promoted as a "Featured" show on BlogTalkRadio and also recieved "New & Noteworthy" on Apple iTunes.